5 reasons to make watercolors

At the beginning, I hated watercolors. When we were doing watercolors during my architecture studies, I didn't understand the meaning.
Because at this period of time, I was thinking like a drawer and not like a painter.

I started enjoying painting watercolors when I started travelling in Rome with my architecture students. I was sketching churches and ancient temples with a pencil and then using watercolors to add value.

When I started painting, ma passion for watercolors came back. At first it was a fast way to create small paintings and then I realize the power of watercolors.

I'm giving you 5 reasons to start making watercolors.

Reason 1. It’s cheaper 

Oil painting is expensive, you have to buy painting, canvases. Watercolors are cheap, you just need a few colors and paper. Be aware that if you take extra quality watercolors and more colors it will be more expensive.

Reason 2. You will learn the process of painting 

My oil painting method comes actually from my watercolors technique. I learnt by doing a lot of watercolors and by understanding the meaning of colors, shape and form.
The more you practice, the better you are.

Reason 3. You can paint and travel

Watercolors are the easiest way to paint and travel, because It's light and easy to carry.
I always take them in my bag with a small bottle of water and a single brush.
Most of the time I paint when I am in a coffee or in a restaurant. Beer and watercolors, what else?

Reason 4. Work your precision 

Watercolors demand a lot of precision especially if you are working in a small format. I compare watercolors to calligraphy, it's all about the gesture.

Reason 5.  Prepare your big paintings 

In a short time, you can put on paper your first ideas, your first colors and your first composition.
You can realize if it works or not.
You can select your best watercolors and transform them into big paintings.
That's why I recommend you to use a watercolors sketchbook instead of single sheets.


Ill. The woman in the shower, watercolors on paper 2021, AJ DOUANGMANIVANH 

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