What is the difference between a drawer and a painter?

I started drawing at an early age, at the age of four. My art education was essentially a drawing education, I studied architecture and we spent most of our time drawing and sketching.

I was also influenced by comics drawers like Milo Manara or Moebius. I was impressed by Manara's drawing skills. 

When I started painting, I realized that I didn't have a great painting knowledge, so I studied masters of painting like Van Gogh, Matisse, Munch, Soutine, Rembrandt...

I soon realized that I was a better painter than a drawer.

The difference between painting and drawing resides in the approach.

Painting incorporates the painter whereas drawing is more neutral.

The drawer tells a story whereas the painter tells his life.

That's why not everyone can be a painter.
Most famous painters like Van Gogh suffered during their life and express this emotion thoughout their paintings.

Painting is a personal experience. The painter and the painting are associated in the art production. The painter personality is as important as the painting itself.

Are you a painter or a drawer?


Ill. Modigliani 

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