Work on your self esteem and be a King

Working on your self esteem is one of the most important thing in your personal development.

They are two categories of people : people that work on their self esteem and people that search for other validation in other words high value people and low value people.

When you are working with your self esteem, you are only working and competing with yourself.
Your habits, your motivation, your challenges are connected to this self esteem. 

You don't need to prove anything to anyone, but you have to challenge and prove to yourself that you are still this great person.

You are your own judge. You are the teacher and the student.

Everyday you have to try to INCREASE your notation, HOW MUCH do you value?
What have you done TODAY to become GREATER than yesterday?

You are not the slave of the society or the mirror of other people you are your own mirror and you create your own society, you are the KING of your world.

I don't want to see you to spend HOURS, MONEY for society validation, this is the worst waste of energy ever. Instead spend money, hours, work on you.

Level up your game, be a super hero and the king of your world and shine like the sun.

Make everyday little actions that can lead to your GOAL. They could be small for certain people but GIANT for you. You ARE YOUR OWN JUDGE.

Be GREAT my friend, and the world will thank you for that.

With love, 
Your Lord and King.

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  1. Great article,I follow you since 2 months and you help me really to be a better version of myself...Thanks for all and continue to inspire people.Patrick


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