The law of repetition

Do you know the law of repetition? This is the law that you have to know if the word success means something for you.

There are some disciplines where I am naturally great like drawing, designing, speaking because I am born with these gifts.

On the other hand there are some disciplines where I am so bad that you are probably much better than me.

For example I'm a really bad singer and I was not gifted like Marvin Gaye or George Michael. When I was a student I had to sing a song for a small public.

I'm not that kind of person who satisfy of normality so I used the law of repetition.

The law of repetition consists of repeating something until it becomes great.

I trained hard for this song and I repeated again and again.
At the end it was great. This song was Today from the Smashing Pumpkins.

When I want something I repeat it again and again in my head or sometimes words spoken.
It creates a feeling of obsession inside me. It helps to stay focus and to get rapid results.

The magical thing of the law of repetition is that once the process has started exterior events or persons will help you to achieve your goal.

So remember this simple rule, the 3R rule : repeat, repeat, REPEAT.

With love,
Your Lord and King.

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