Take the courage to abandon the past

You did great things in the past.
You were successful and you always talk about how great you was in your past.

Believe me my friend, your past is your worst enemy.

So many people live on their past instead of projecting their future.

I also did great things in my past, I also had my success stories but they are nothing compare to what I am capable to achieve in the future. This is my statement.

I don't make my past a prize.

As Tyler Durden said : you start becoming free when you lost everything.

I called this the amnesiac attitude. 

You are aware of your past but can forget it in order to create a better future.

You are a new starter, a new challenger and a new learner.

You are the student that want to become one day the Master.

This is a great attitude in life.

My friend, forget your past RIGHT NOW and show me how GREAT you will be in the future.

Everything is happening now in your present depending on your daily actions and habits.

Create new habits, and I will talk to you about this later.

Be the person you want to meet. Be the hero of your dream.

In the future we trust.

With love,
Your Lord and King.

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