How to react when you are in the Down phase?

Usually we have two phases in our life : the Up phase and the Down phase.
When you start a project, you are stimulated, you deeply want to reach your goal and your motivation is good.

And then you get your first results, your first positive comments : you enjoy this time.

But sometimes, even when you are still motivated you can go to the Down phase.

What's happening?

You are simply a little bit tired. It happens and this is normal. Don't be so rude with you and let it down. Accept this Down phase to take some rest, to do something else and to come back better and more motivated than ever.

You need to RECHARGE yourself.

During the down phase start some meditation and focus more on yourself. Find inner peace in you.

You put a lot of effort when you were in the Up phase and it's time for a break.

Change your point of view and your mindset and consider the Down Phase a positive thing to recharge your energy and to focus more on yourself.

In any case, never abandon because you are not far away of your GREATNESS my friend.

With Love,
Your Lord and King.

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