Enjoy the silence

My friend, let's take a break. Take a chair, relax, and let it go.

Embrace your deep source and your soul. Be as natural as possible, be like a stone.
You will reach the SILENCE state.

The Silence state is connected to your true self and your real nature. This is the path to happiness and freedom.

Most of the time YOU ARE NOT in the Silence state. Society educates you to kill this Silence state.
Your brain is always thinking, your body is always in tension. Your mind is not there.

You have to learn how to activate the Silence state. This is probably one of the best workout you can invest in your life. Train everyday.

At first, your body will react in opposition to this Silence state because the body refuses the unknown. Educate your body and tell him that it is GREAT for you.

And then you will have a battle, inside you. The battle against the ancient system and the new system.
If you are strong and determined you will win. The path of happiness and freedom will then be yours.

It's worth to fight my friend.

With Love,
Your Lord and King.

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