Change your own perception

The way you see yourself determines your believes, your feelings and your actions.
You cannot change yourself, you can only change the way you see yourself.

I called this perception. If you can change your perception you can change yourself.

If you see yourself as a rabbit you will be a rabbit but if you see yourself as a lion you will be a lion.

Seems simple? But hard to figure out, because most of the people cannot change their perception, they refuse deeply inside to see a different version of themself.

You have to find your true self, your original identity, your purest form of human being.
It demands a journey inside you, an inner investigation of your source.

I want to share with you a great method to change your perception.

First point, use imagination. Imagine yourself as your greatest version, imagine your GREATNESS, imagine without limits, DREAM.

Keep this image in mind, you can draw it, describe it, write it.

Now you have to challenge yourself to become this image. Plan a project, plan some goals and work hard to reach as far as possible this image.

At the end, you will change your perception.

Second point, RELAX yourself as far as possible, and be a calm as possible.
Your TRUE self is connected to this relax state.

The more you will be relax the more you will be your TRUE self.

At the end, day by day, you will change your perception.

Third point, change your environment. if you cannot change inside, change outside. Change physically, go to the gym, change your style, your clothes, your house, your friends and your habits.

Change to be yourself, your TRUE self and not someone else.

TRAIN hard and you will get it.

You are not far away from your GREATNESS.

With Love,
Your Lord and King.

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