What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Everybody knows this famous quote from Nietzsche but who truly understand it?

I had a car accident the 30th of December, 2016. Dramatic and painful with a few injuries at the head, nose, orbit broken.

But first you realize that you are alive.

God saves you.

When I first saw my head in the mirror I was scared.

I was scared to keep this awful face for life.

But God saves me.

Before my accident I have a lot of fat because I used to eat a lot of coke, sugar, cakes, biscuits, candies.... 100 % carb.

I was not aware.

Secondly you realize how lucky you are and then you desire your own revenge.

You want to become stronger, beautiful and greater.

That's how I started my training.

I started a low carbs diet and a 3 hours daily training. 
2h musculation and 1h cardio.

I lost 10 kgs in 8 weeks.

Everything that seemed hard in the past becomes easy.
The more I trained the more I took some pleasure.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Stay positive when bad events happen to you, keep in mind that you will be stronger after that and start as soon as possible to train.

Train your body, train your mind to become stronger and greater.
Make your life a piece of art and be the sun that shines and rises.

Eliminate the unnecessary and focus on your goal.

Believe me it worth it.

In the future we trust.

With love,
Your Lord and King.

April 2017 (76 kg)

December 2016 (86 kg)

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